On-line Store 

Ontario Customers:

If you have already set up your CDS account for use online, or if you would like to buy on your Visa or Mastercard, start shopping at our store


  • If you don't have an account with CDS but would like one, you can start the process by emailing (credit@cdsco.net) or calling (416-665-8006 or 1-800-237-5565) our credit department.

  • If you have a CDS account, you can easily set it up for use online. Fill out this short form and we will email you a "registration key." Once you have set up your CDS account for use online, you can buy online on trade credit, and any special prices you have arranged with your SalesRep will be available to you!

  • If you have received a "registration key" from CDS, you are approved to make online purchases on your CDS account. Just another minute to register at constructiondepot. Do this at www.constructiondepot.com/register. Once you have done this, you are set up to shop immediately!

  • (If you are already a constructiondepot member and have a "registration key" from CDS, just add CDS on your "distributor accounts" page.)

About our online store

Our arrangement with our interactive partner constructiondepot.com puts us on the leading edge with regard to providing our customers with order-desk and other functions online.

Customers can browse, search, and place orders anytime. Customers can arrange online to pickup their orders at any of our Canadian branches or to have their orders delivered. For customers buying on their CDS account, any special prices arranged with their SalesRep are reflected online. Any special promotions running in our bricks-and-mortar branches are similarly reflected.

Please email us with any comments or suggestions.

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